"Vicariously I, ... live while the whole world dies."

CONCEPT and CHOREOGRAPHY:                     Luana Rossetti (2019)

DANCING:                                                            Chiara Fersini

COLLABORATION for TRANSLATION in GSL:   Athina Lange, Hanna Knoepfel

TEXT:                                                                    Maynard Keenan

PIECE LENGHT:                                                    11 min.

SUSTAINMENT:                                                    Anja Kozik - Oxymoron Dance Company

SUBSIDISED RESEARCH:                                    KulturKontakten Odense, Ministry of Culture DK

A perceptible experience represented under a poetic translation, between choreography and "un-spoken" words in Sign Language.

This woman embodies the discrepancies of nowadays society into one-person perception, with the struggles throughout her race. Victim of our human vicarious moral, she crosses different stages of breaking off herself, gazing in every moment the deepest memories of pure love.

This solo is developed through a different communicative language, it involves physical/ psychosomatic impulses and GSL into a discursive dance.