"It has been a great re-discovery on the growth of this - such a young - woman tonight.

Through the process she seemed not finding a way out among her inner choices, between dance as expressionism and dance as aesthetic.

I have sought her immerse in that "philosophy book" which seems having given her thousands other worlds to talk about - and dance at that point, was not so important anymore. I see it, she has just discovered what it means for her. Dance is her voice, her body is her channel, her mind is an infinite space full of knowledges and experiences, something in between - pain and glory - and she, she is a creature. When I see Luana on stage, I see a beast. 

I thank her honestly, for having given us, tonight, the minimalistic of herself. I believe it is a difficult step to do, this one, when being such a great dancer!"  - K. de Groot, Artistic Director of Dans Ateliér Rotterdam -