For many years, Luana has been researching on developing an artistic practice to access Psychosomatic movements of PTS-d, and transform these in pure expressionism and choreographic-performative work, consciously embodying those and move within, in total awareness.

Intense and exhausting at times but surely liberating and re-connecting, FINDING AUTHENTICITY is an incursion through the self, honest, naked, but safe and never private. This practice allows everyone to dive into the rawest of movement that is individual and unique, and from there learning how to master it and access it without further process, to eventually develop it in choreographic work.

The whole process focusses on the memory of feelings. Feelings, as well as emotion, have a substantial influence on the cognitive processes in humans, in these regards Finding Authenticity delves through the 'how' dancers and performers can translated physically a mental or emotional state.

This workshop is conceived as a safe practice. The exercises are as deep as lively entertaining, where artistic curiosity arises and none is being exposed.

The workshop is aimed for dancers who are striving for highly physical engagement and wish to research over their boundaries of expression and physical interpretation.

Through a series of dive-in exercises we warm up our senses and perception of self in relation with the space, time and surrounding.

Tasks and tools, as text and voice work, will serve the endeavour of opening up to a variety of inner movements to serve the interpretation.

This practice is funded on movements' experiencing as a manifestation, a sort of ritual, in a cathartic way.

Combining sensorial and physical approach, Finding Authenticity aims to push the boundaries of our performativity, may that be physical, mental, or preconceptual.

It is an intense investigation through lively entertaining tasks that bridge an abstract idea to concrete expression.

"This was a necessity for me, as a dancer, as a human,                                                                                                                    as a choreographer in order to establish an empathetic connection with the audience." - Luana