Noas Cia. was, initially,  the name of the project based Dance Theatre troupe created and led by Luana Rossetti, an emergent Italian choreographer based in Berlin, and formed by artist coming from all over the world and engaged in different fields. The first project was crated in 2013 with the wish to share new artistic notions and views. 

With the progression of the work and the Production Funding supports from different foundations - Luana is slowly finding her artistic direction developing Oeneric Dance Theatre Performances that deal with Social Constraints and Psychological aftermaths.

The work of Luana is extremely dynamic, physically and mindfully demanding. As a true-philanthropist, Luana's research unfolds throughout the transmission of psychosomatic movements, as starting point - from which she developes her choreographic work.

"Across the Freudian transfer studies, my wish is to involve the audience into an authentic journey that finds themselves experiencing sensations on their own skin, and to arouse their own emotion from within as we represent them on stage". - Luana