The lesson is based on a continuous production of body spirals to generate spaces in which the body finds the opportunity to perform uninterrupted movements, developing cycles of propulsion and perform transitions in continuous evolution. 

A physical and explosive method based on the basic principles of physics and biomechanics - that uses different portions of strength to expand the use of the body in relation to the various levels in space.

A transversal lesson created to lead the body, in every moment, a step further towards the ability of finding out new possibilities of moving wide and expansively using its full potential covering as much space as possible, taking risks, mostly remining off balance.

In a great balance between the use of counter forces and techniques across the dance vocabulary, Luana has developed, through the years, her own physics of moving. The quality of the research comes from a long path of motion understanding, in a constant relation between "where the body wants to go" and "how to trigger the mind, and therefore the body" transforming the basic understanding of movements into a greater experience of the body-mind connection and comprehension, and the capability of letting go while anchoring on body-control.
With the classical ballet background and the growth into the first modern and the most recents contemporary dance techniques, a great influence of this merging physics has been given by disciplines as capoeira, breakdance, and the constant bodywork in its totality; explanations and elements of every movement culture pop up during the class.
The class is very physical, energetic and athletic throughout techniques absorption in order to reach individual limits keeping the body in complete health.

Each exercise has the aim of reaching intentionally the plural ways to perform a movement, changing dynamics and expression exploring over the shape.

created by Luana Rossetti

Photo: Harriet Meyer - 2020