The lesson is based on a continuous production of body spirals that generate spaces in which the body finds the opportunity to perform uninterrupted movements, develop cycles of propulsion and perform transitions in continuous evolution. A physical and explosive lesson that uses different portions of strength to expand the use of the body in relation to the various levels of space. 

personal class created by Luana Rossetti


The body awareness is the first principal I focus on, from the first breath into the body preparation, following the development of agility, speed and strength in proportion with explosion, resistance, and the quality of "control".

Through floor and standing combinations into more complex choreographic sequences, the body reaches, in every moment, a step further towards the ability of finding out new possibilities of moving wide and expansively using its full potential covering as much space as possible, taking risks and being on and off balance.

In a great balance between the use of Counter ignition and Flying low Technique, I have developed through the years my own wave of moving - the quality of the research comes from a long path of motion understanding, in relation with "where the body wants to go" and "how to trigger the mind - therefore the body" developing new spirals and generating movement.

A great influence has been given by disciplines as capoeira and breakdance which basic elements pop up during the class. The class is very physical, energetic and athletic throughout techniques in order to reach individual limits keeping the body in complete health.

Each exercise has the aim of reaching intentionally the plural ways to present movement to the audience, changing dynamics and expression exploring over the shape.


The class developes through exercise in which we focus on the comprehension of spyrals generation, in orther to reach the maximum performance with the less fatigue.

Through different combinations, the class explores a wide vocabulary of movements coming from different Contemporary techniques integrating elements and principals of other disciplines.

The work develops synergies through space and different dynamics using the full body possibilities, each exercise concentrates explosion of energies in concomitant with the control. The movement associations we converge during the class appear to be unnatural but thanks to the spyral`s producing key point we disocover new poossibilites of taking advantages from every movement choice.

Through the lesson we create many on and off balance situations widening up the body activity; therefore we work on the stablity and all the possible ways to catch the body before falling, we learn how to allow ourselves to let go - to body contraints and fears.

The lesson developes on different levels in space, from floor combinations to jumps, the sequences are created focusing on the relation of the core center to the ground, as all the movements we generate come from there as a first human natural contraction from the first breath, we unfold this principal independently from which composition we defy.