Graduated at ArtEZ University of The Arts, Arnhem - The Netherlands: BDA, croho 34798. Luana has been dancing intensively with different companies and choreographers as Nord/West Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg, Skånes Danstheater, Cooperativa Maura Morales, Constanza Macras - Dorky Park, bodytalk - Yoshiko Waki, Oxymoron Dance, Troublayn-Jan Fabre, Ballet de l' Operá de Tunis, Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, Ballet van Leth Production, Heike Hennig & Co., Cia.Perversos Polimorfos, McDance Mayer - Chaffaud, Edd Wubbe/Scapino Rotterdam, Roberto Zappalà, IP-Tanz, Erik Kaiel, Amos Ben-Tal, Phylip Taylor, Anouk van Dijk, Alexander Nerlich - Hans Otto Theater, Stadttheater Giessen, Anne Gieske, Dali Touiti, Dans Brigade Amsterdam, Commedia Futura, Dans Ateliér Rotterdam, Gabriella Stazio, Periferic Berlin - Bogotá, among others.


With her first own creation (Berlin 2013) Luana receives a review that compares "[...] her alternative, activist and socially relevant work to the aesthetic of La la la Human Steps".

In 2015 Luana has received her first Funding Support by the Cultural Ministry of Berlin, for the production "Minions Re-Version", with which she was nominated "one of the most promising, emerging choreographers" on the review by a member of the fundings' jury, stated on the newspapers: "Tanz und Zeitgenössischer Tanz".

The production of Luana have received support and tour sustainments by International institutions and Cultural Ministries as from MiBACT, Italy; Kulturkontakt Odense, Denmark; Berlin Investitione; Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen; Fonds Darstellende Kuenste; Kreativ Transfer-Dachverband Tanz, NEUSTART KULTUR-Dachverban Tanz. 

Her latest productions include commissions by Schlosstheater Celle, Thikwa Theater Berlin, Landesbühnen Sachsen, S.E.A.D. Salzburg, e.g.

Her works have been shown at e.g. HAU2 Berlin; 360° Waschhaus Potsdam; Venice Biennale; Nao Performing Arts Fest, Milano; Stadt für Eine Nacht Potsdam; TanzOffensive, Eisfabrik Hannover; T-Werk Potsdam, Oxy & Co.; International Tanzwoche Dresden; Seven Days of Carthage; Tanztendenzen München; Initiative Neue Zirkus Festival; Tanz Bozen Festival; Festival Sumar, Argentina; Dansen in t'park, Gent; National Theater Belgrade, International Festival; Second Hand - Movimento Danza, Napoli; InSincronia, Piacenza; BPform-Body Perform - Marti/Kodance, Roma; 10 times 6 - Uferstudios Berlin; Lange Nacht der Dresdener Theater; among others.


Throughout her career as a Dancer, Luana has developed her own unique class method which combines diverse disciplines and contemporary dance techniques: the PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE. Known among International dance companies, Professional Academies, dance Universities, and workshops, the class of Luana allows the dancers to amplify their knowledges in diverse fields.

Luana is called internationally at professional dance companies and Universities, as Tanzcompagnie Rostock, Operá de Ballet Nationelle de Tunisi, Cie. Toula Limnaios, ArtEZ danceacademie, S.E.A.D. Salzburg, Tanz-Staatstheater Braunschweig, Tanz-Landesbühne Sachsen, among others.


Luana has graduated at the music school when she was 13, at that time she already was touring as a pianist and drummer for classical concerts and popular events.
In the later stages, Luana shifted her interest toward bass-guitar and voice work for which she has been engaged in different Theatre projects and Festivals.

Moreover, Luana has collaborated with great composers and music producers as: Sven Helbig, Claus Erbskorn, Malte Preuss, Nikolas Schreck, and more.



  • "IAGO" Volfango De Biasi Second main role (2008)


  • "MONTE PASCHI DI SIENA" Giuseppe Tornatore, Main role (2006)
  • "CEPU" Giancarlo Cornalea, Main role (2007)
  • "WIND" Marcello Cesena, Main role (2006)
  • "VODAFONE", Main role (2007)
  • "SKY TV", Main role (2007)
  • "CIAO DARWIN" Paolo Bonolis, Main role (2007)
  • "STELLE EMERGENTI", Finalist (2006)

. TV Shows with: Giuseppe Veronesi (2006), Luca Tommasini (2008), Franco Miseria (2006-2007)

. MODELING (2005-2007)

  • KEY UP Testimonial
  • KILLAH CLOTHING - Photoshooting
  • CATENELLA FASHION CHAIN - 1 year contract
  • BELLEZZA E SALUTE - 2 years contract
  • CIOÉ - MAGAZINE - 2 years contract
  • COMPANY - MAGAZINE - 2 years contract