Born in 1986 - Milan, and gaduated at ArtEZ Dance Conservatoire, Arnhem - The Netherlands: BDA, croho 34798.

Since before graduation, Luana has been dancing intensively with different companies and choreographers as Nord/West Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg (Tanz Mainz), Skånes Danstheater, Constanza Macras - Dorky Park, Oxymoron Dance, Troublayn-Jan Fabre, Balle de l' Operá de Tunis, Ballet van Leth Production, Heike Hennig & Co., Cia.Perversos Polimorfos, McDance Mayer - Chaffaud, Edd Wubbe/Scapino Rotterdam, Roberto Zappalà, Erik Kaiel, Amos Ben-Tal, Phylip Taylor, Anouk van Dijk, Alexander Nerlich - Hans Otto Theater, Anne Gieske, Dali Touiti, Dans Brigade Amsterdam, Dans Ateliér Rotterdam, Periferic Berlin - Bogotá among others.

With her first own creation (Berlin 2013) Luana receives the production support  from the city of Berlin.  The first reviews of her creations compare her alternative, activist and with social relevance work to the aesthetic of La la la Human Steps.

Since then, Luana has been called to create and collaborate with artists and choreographers coming from all over the world and to present her work in different venues and Festivals as HAU2 Berlin, 360° Waschhaus Potsdam, Venice Biennale of Architecture2018, Nao Performing Arts Fest - Milano, Stadt für Eine Nacht Potsdam, T-Werk Potsdam, Oxy & Co., International Tanzwoche Dresden, Tanztendenzen München, Initiative Neue Zirkus Festival, Torino Fringe Festival, Tanz-Bozen Festival, Festival Sumar - Argentina, Dansen in ´t park-Gent, National Theater Belgrade International Festival, Second Hand - Movimento Danza-Napoli, InSincronia-Piacenza, BPform-Body Perform - Marti/Kodance Roma, 10 times 6 - Uferstudios Berlin,  WeihnachtsFestival Berlin, Lange Nacht der Dresdener Theater, among others.

In 2015 Luana receives her first Funding Support by the Cultural Ministry - Senate of Berlin, for her production "Minions Re-Version" with which she was nominated "One of the most promising emerging, young choreographers" on the review by a member of the Jury of the Berlin Senate, and stated on the German newspapers: "Tanz und Zeitgenössischer Tanz".

Luana kept creating and receiving Productions Support and Tour Sustainment by International institutions and Cultural Ministries as from MiBACT IT, Kulturkontakt Denmark and Berlin Senate.

Some of the Artworks of Luana are Sustained by the Artistic Director of Waschhaus Potsdam- Anja Kozik, as an Associated Artist; moreover they have an ongoing collaboration, since 2015, inside Oxymoron Dance Company. The company creates dance-theatre performances with professional dancers and artists coming from all over; since two years Luana and Anja develop performance-projects with young semi-professional dancers in collaboration with Academies over Europe, as well as with the Nouveau Ballet Tunisienne.

Luana is an associated artist and a collaborator of Oplas-CRDU of Luca Bruni.

Through her career as a Dancer, Luana has created her own unique class which combines diverse disciplines and contemporary dance techniques; known through Iinternational Dance Companies, Professional Academies, Universities, masterclasses and workshops, the class of Luana allows the dancers to amplify their knowledges in diverse fields.