Luana creates mysterious, seductive and dynamic physical performances that hold on the existentialistic doctrine.

Her work is based on an unfolding artistic research into inner-reflections of societies' dilemma, drawn from literature, sociology and politic; Luana designs images of a utopian society offering solutions on its subjects, with the main achievement of raising awareness urging contemporary topics of social discrepancies.

On the choreographic level, Luana has developed a translating method of psychogenic movements into a corporal language. The 'translation' process aims to enhance the responsiveness of the audience present in the room and to capture moments of interaction between spectators and performers.

Out of this embodiment, extreme partnering work and high physical refined choreographies are crafted converting movements into poetry.

The psychology of the Transference, intrinsic to the craft of psychoanalysis, between audience and performers is an urge Luana has come across with the intent to invoke an empathetic connection, a honest exchange that arouses awareness on the audience by recalling experiences.

Through oneiric, dark dance theater choices, her interest is to combining multiple arts in order to reach a holistic effect, aiming to create a sensory experience by presenting partial glimpses into an abstract world.

Each of Luana's project is an inclusion of heterogeneous artists, of all ages, ethnicities, gender identities, of all backgrounds, cultural and political orientation.

Cie. [LR] is the name of the project based dance theatre troupe created and led by Luana Rossetti, and formed by artist coming from all over the world and engaged in different fields. (before 2016 the company was presented under the name of Noas cia.)