Luana creates mysterious, seductive and dynamic Dance Theater performances which deal with contemporary topics.

The work is based on an unfolding artistic research of the "holy" places of our time, through literature and history, Luana develops images of society to create private spaces for its subjects.


The performances choices of implementation and translation of Luana belong to the Oneiric and Dark - Dance Theater.

"As a work that holds on existentialistic doctrine, I wish to create spaces to host certain fundamental questions of our human existence.

My movement's research translates into a corporal language personal experiences which conformed into psychosomatic movements and post-traumatic behaviours. My interest as a choreographer is to give an image, a way out to these neurotic states, through body vocabulary and metaphors.

My interest in combining multiple arts is to reach a holistic effect, aiming to create a sensory experience by presenting partial glimpses into an abstract world".

As we can see in "PRAISED MECHANISM", the choreographer has initiated, as well, a work based on Sign Language for the development of a new communicative language.

  • the choreographer`s desire to involve GSL is not confined to a personal interest of developing a new movement language, but also aims to evolve a project designed to provide the deaf community with a truly specialized and unique sensory experience - a vibrational sound that can be felt by deaf participants

The creations wish to share new artistic notions and views. The work of the contemporary dancer/choreographer aims to the plurality of expression building the core of the understanding of movement as dance. A spoken word can lead to a poetic and symbolic movement of contemporary dance, as well as a natural, every day gesture detects/catch an highly artificial aestethic part.

Through vespertine incidences the performers commit the 360° of themselves into a performance as full "Arted" entities: as music, produced (original, i.e.) and played live (instrumental), singing, visual Arts, talks as social queiries lightened by philosophical references and research on literary works of authors.

"Expanding Arts as a wildfire!"