REVIEW 1: "I have to drop you those lines, since I wasn´t able to express myself after the performance enough. And I think its important that this dancer receives this feedback before I see another project of her again. I took some of her paint and her magical performance home with me.

Wow... She blew our minds! It was a magical, totally mesmerizing performance, indeed it was!!! Luana, she her partners took us by the hand and hijacked us into a emotional and wonderful journey out of time and space. Everything was beautiful, the impressive choices, the Music and especially her.

Of course Luana can´t do such a performance without the partners, and they are amazing dancers and performers as well. But she had a very special Aura around, being totally present in the moment, giving all her heart and soul, spreading all her beauty. I could go into details what I liked about this performance, but I want to reserve that for the next time I see it. Seeing this performance I totally understand why Luana where submerged and concentrated on this piece of art.

I don't know her that much, but I do know that she is very self-critical and pays attention to details. Take my praise as reward for all the hard work Luana puts into getting where she is now, SHE DESERVES IT!

She should breath and just enjoy these words, or save them for the harder times. My compliments will help her to continue to grow and improve in creations, dance and human being.

It was beautiful to see this woman, back with that radiating smile and impressive feminine power, after what she has gone through lately. Luana is a tough woman, that is at the same time not afraid of showing vulnerability vulnerability.

This is "Noas Bar"! I have learnt in this evening, precise things, and Luana`s work grew a lot, both personallyand as well as in a performative.

I will enjoy watching her going far and around, on tour and ending this year with great achievements.

We learn from the hard time the most! Nothing happens without a reason,I do believe! Sometimes it just takes us a while to let things sink in order to be able to understand them. 2016 must be an amazing year for Luana`s achievements! Yes, it will be! I wish her, good people around that nourish and admire her art.

Looking forward to seeing another Performance of her again " - Christian Weber - Musician and Composer -

REVIEW 2: "Hello followers. First of all, I was very pleased to see this work! I am impressed and touched of by all these inputs - it is so hard to do such a good work in Berlin and the pure fact of starting a group, getting it into work, developing a piece and present it in Uferstudios is a huge success!

Working out a choreography in a collective is such a fragile and challenging thing and Luana, the director of Noas Cia. did a great job there!

The group has a wonderful energy and each of them is having great dancing and performative skills. I love this woman´s energy on stage - I really do. And all of them were fully going for the movements and could show them in the most professional way and in a breath taking quality.

Talking about the piece: The dramaturgy regarding the order of the scenes, sound and light seemed logical to me in the big line, there is development, quality of choices and good solutions.

The piece has a lot of climaxes and it achieves to create momentums. I could see 4 wonderful performers aware of they encounters and very able to dive into they own characters with freedom to explore themselves, within the joy to discover how far they could push their roles to bounders and see if it would fit on them.

Luana is using many of the most essential parameters of choreography and is very are able to do that, which is a great base to go a step further and put more attention on the soft tones and the in-betweens, the development of climaxes and the power of momentums.

I was enjoying the show, and I felt like I wanted to be lead into their subject, even more. I could feel there is some deeper world behind but I could not dive into that world.

Maybe the choreographer should trust more in the beauty of the pure material she has, giving it more space and time, allowing even more the slow and invite the spectator to join you for that trip." 

- Angela Alves - körpercoaching, Tanzdramaturg -