"Why did Father give these humans free will? Now they're all confused." - Right in Two

Praised Mechanism serves as a compelling trigger point that compels us to revisit a place that is no longer safe, yet remains deeply ingrained in our cognitive consciousness. The main character navigates through personal setbacks, encapsulating the contradictions of contemporary society within the confines of their individual perception. This exploration delves into the internal battles and conflicts that arise between the performer, their own self, and their inner demons.

This dance-theatre project is developed through different communicative languages - involving physical impulses and GSL into a discursive dance. Moreover, this first research-based project aims to evolve a truly specialised and unique sensory experience, with a vibrational sound that can be felt by hearing-impaired participants, and to encourage the collaboration of heterogeneous artists from the deaf community. 

Production 2019 - cie. [LR] Oneiric Dark Dance Theatre

CONCEPT and RESEARCH: Luana Rossetti (2018)

CREATION and Choreography: Luana Rossetti

COLLABORATION and TRANSLATION in GSL: Athina Lange, Hanna Knoepfel

PERFORMERS: Chiara Fersini, Giovanna Cento, Luana Rossetti

STAGING and SCENOGRAPHY: Luana Rossetti, Ole g.Artz


PRODUCTION HOUSE: LOCATION X - Dance All Year Long - Taneli Törma

SUSTAINMENT: Oxymoron Dance Company

SUBSIDISED 1st RESEARCH STEP: Ministry of Culture of Denmark