"Why did Father give these humans free will? Now they're all confused."

CONCEPT and RESEARCH:                                Luana Rossetti (2018)

CREATION and Choreography:                          Luana Rossetti (2019)

COLLABORATION and TRANSLATION in GSL: Athina Lange, Hanna Knoepfel

PERFORMERS:                                                     Chiara Fersini, Giovanna Cento, Luana Rossetti

STAGING and SCENOGRAPHY:                          Luana Rossetti, Ole g.Artz

PIECE LENGHT:                                                    70 min.

PRODUCTION HOUSE:                                       LOCATION X - Dance All Year Long - Taneli Törma

SUSTAINMENT:                                                   Anja Kozik - Oxymoron Dance Company

SUBSIDISED 1st RESEARCH STEP:                    Ministry of Culture of Denmark

A perceptible experience represented under a poetic translation, touching intimate spaces conforming them into social issues, with moral and religious constraints.

The piece embodies the discrepancies of nowadays society into one-person perception, exploring the struggles and the fights between her, herself and her demon.

Praised Mechanism is that trigger point we are driven to go back to, a place which is no longer safe for us but that is stored in our cognitive mind. The main performer goes through downfalls, torn from repeated moments of distress.

This dance-theatre project is developed through different communicative languages - involving physical impulses and GSL into a discursive dance. Moreover, this first research-based project aims to evolve a truly specialised and unique sensory experience, with a vibrational sound that can be felt by hearing-impaired participants, and to encourage the collaboration of heterogeneous artists from the deaf community.