Oneiric Tribute                           (der Moment dazwischen)

'oneiric tribute - (der Moment dazwischen)' refers to the moment of awakening, when eyes move rapidly from side to side behind closed eyelids, mixed frequency brain-wave activity becomes closer to wakefulness, breathing becomes faster and irregular, heart rate and blood pressure increase.

In this choreography the divinity of peace and oblivion, the Hypnos that makes one forget the troubles, leads a codependent relation with a woman who does not want to wake up.

Stuck in the limbo to find a mild bliss in the oneiric world, she must fight restlessly for the sleep not to fade.

Dreams shape the lives of all, hope and despair, peace and terror, become living fictions but as well, dreams are a restful escape for tormented souls.

Duration: 14 minutes

Dancers: Camilla Bizzi, Lorenzo Giovanetti/ Christian Senatore

Choreographer: Luana Rossetti

Supported by: Berlin Dance Institute, Tanz-Landesbuehne Sachsen