"I've learnt so much from my mistakes that I'm considering to keep making some!" 

- Charles M. Schulz

This captivating dance piece, created entirely on metronome, explores the transformative power of mistakes and the valuable lessons they impart. Through synchronized movements and precise timing, the dancers navigate the concept of embracing and learning from their missteps. With each deliberate motion, they embody resilience and personal growth, showcasing the beauty that can emerge from embracing imperfection. The rhythmic beats of the metronome serve as a reminder of the constant forward momentum, urging the dancers to continue pushing boundaries and fearlessly embracing the possibility of making more mistakes in their pursuit of self-discovery and artistic expression.

CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY: Luana Rossetti (2014)

DANCE PERFORMANCE: Luana Rossetti, Samatha Franchini

TEXTS: Luana Rossetti,


PRODUCED by: Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin

SUPPORTED by: T-Werk Potsdam, Oxymoron Dance, NaunynRitz, Berlin, Katakomben-circus and performance, Berlin