"This little light of mine, a gift you passed on to me; I'm gonna let it shine to guide you safely on your way home."

CONCEPT and CREATION: Luana Rossetti (2018)

COLLABORATION and TRANSLATION in GSL: Athina Lange, Hanna Knoepfel 



PRODUCTION HOUSE: LOCATION X - Dance All Year Long - Taneli Törma

SUBSIDISED BY: Ministry of Culture of Denmark

A special Thanks goes to the Deaf Community Berlin who has been giving support and helped for the translation of a very poetic and conceptual text.

Ænima represents a candid soul who has committed a suicide. A presence with no voice, with a dark spirit and a blissful eternity tells us 'through sign and body language'  her experience which brought to such an action. Sensitive and vulnerable entities fall every day into this vicious circle of humans destroying each other's lives; the condemnation of blossom, shining forces of nature to let go.

A solo through poetry and resolutions, where the power of coping ends and the mechanism of judgement is confined on our worst choices.

This choreography is the first experiment of Luana in introducing sign language (GSL) into choreographic craft, aiming to expand the dance vocabulary through a new possible channel. Some words pop up through stillness and most of them are incorporated into the movements becoming a whole thing.