A special Thanks goes to the Deaf Community Berlin who has been giving support and helped for the translation of a very poetic and conceptual text.

Ænima serves as a poignant representation of the often taboo subject of suicide, prompting a reevaluation of its value and the level of respect it receives within society. The performance embodies the essence of a candid soul who has tragically taken their own life. The presence, devoid of a voice but possessed by a dark spirit and an eternal sense of tranquility, communicates their experience through the medium of signs and body language.

Every day, sensitive and vulnerable individuals find themselves ensnared in the destructive cycle of human lives entwined, as the forces of nature are condemned to wither and fade away. Ænima is a solo performance that traverses the realms of poetry and personal resolutions, delving into the point at which our ability to cope reaches its limits, leaving us confined to the mechanisms of judgment surrounding our most regrettable choices. This choreography marks Luana's inaugural experiment in incorporating sign language (GSL) into the artistry of dance, with the aim of expanding the vocabulary of movement through this innovative and unexplored channel. Within moments of stillness, certain words emerge, seamlessly integrated into the fluidity of the choreography, forming a cohesive whole.

Production 2018 - cie. [LR] Oneiric Dark Dance Theatre

CONCEPT and CREATION: Luana Rossetti (2018)

COLLABORATION and TRANSLATION in GSL: Athina Lange, Hanna Knoepfel



PRODUCTION HOUSE: LOCATION X - Dance All Year Long - Taneli Törma

SUBSIDISED BY: Ministry of Culture of Denmark