"This little light of mine, a gift you passed on to me; I'm gonna let it shine to guide you safely on your way home."

CONCEPT and CREATION: Luana Rossetti (2018)

COLLABORATION and TRANSLATION in GSL: Athina Lange, Hanna Knoepfel 



PRODUCTION HOUSE: LOCATION X - Dance All Year Long - Taneli Törma

SUBSIDISED BY: Ministry of Culture of Denmark

A special Thanks goes to the Deaf Community Berlin who has been willing to help for the translation of a very poetic and conceptual text.

Ænima represents a candid soul who has left our world after committing a suicide. A presence with no voice, with a dark spirit and a blissful eternity - wishes to tell us "using sign and body language", what she sees, what she believes that`s destroying our world, our people, our sensitive and vulnerable entities as she was. Falling into this vicious crcle of humans destroying each other`s lives condamnes blossom, shining forces of nature as she was - to leave us; if oneself can`t cope with it. The choreography is the first experiment of Luana in introducing sign language (GSL) into the movements and expand the dance vocabulary through a new possible channel. Some words pop up through stillness and most of them are incorporated into the movements becoming a whole thing.