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For the summer production 2020 of Oxymoron Dance Company - Waschhaus Potsdam 'Animus & Anima'

(Feb. 26th 2020)                                                               Workshop Audition @ Berlin Dance Institute 

(March 7th 2020)                                                 Workshop Audition @ Accademia Iacopini, Rome

(March 20th 2020)                                               Workshop Audition @ MoveOn Academy, Milano  

(Dec. 2019)                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Praised Mechanism - REVIEW by NIKOLAS SCHRECK                                                                                    https://www.luanarossetti.com/praised-mechanism2/

(Feb. 2019) 

Luana @ Ballet National de l`Opera de Tunis as the REHEARSAL DIRECTOR , for the project "Dido & Aeneas" choreographed by Luca Bruni, with the marvellous scenography and costumes of Mario Ferrari Couture. Project sustained by the Italian Cultural Institute of Tunisi.

(March 30, 2019)

HADES -- "Four minutes applause and a standing ovation!"                                                                                                                                                                             Thus has concluded the evening at the Festival: "Lange Nacht der Dresdener Theater"                  

"I couldn`t believe it! I am grateful for each hand clap and devotion. Hades is a very tough performance, with its pros and cons - I am glad for all that empathy!" 

(July. 2019)

Luana will be co-choreographing the new summer production ""WILD" of Oxymoron Dance Company, (Premiére on July 13th) -- This project is concepted and developed by Anja Kozik, Director of Waschhaus Potsdam, in collaboration with Luana Rossetti. As a new format this production is a collaboration between different Professional Dance Academies and the Nouveau Ballet Tunisienne.

"We have thought it would be a wonderful chance for these young and very skilled dancers to be involved in a professional process and to have the possibility to experience the stage, under a great name and in front of the whole city." - Luana.

(July 2019)
WILD - an entire achievement. Three evenings sold out. The summer theatre on the lake was a great success. The collaboration between Drum Klub, Anja Kozik and Luana Rossetti filled up the Theatres, and has been praised by audience coming from all over Europe to assist at such an explosion of energy.


(October, 2019) 

VIDEO SHOOTING for "All these Hideous Things" 

- from the new Album "The Illusionist" on Records Ad Nauseam, of Nikolas Schreck 

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